Howl: The Official Game Launch Trailer

# Dive Into the Enchanted Realm of ‘Howl’: A Turn-Based Tactical Adventure

## Embark on a Journey Amidst ‘Living Ink’ Artistry

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Released on November 14, 2023, “Howl” has captivated gamers with its unique blend of art and strategy. The game’s official launch trailer offers a glimpse into the mesmerizing watercolor world crafted with an artistic technique known as ‘Living Ink.’ This immersive graphical style paints a vivid medieval tapestry for players to explore.

## A Folktale Shrouded in Darkness

“Howl” spins a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of an insidious plague, dubbed the ‘howling plague,’ that has left the realm in disarray. This evil force wreaks havoc by turning afflicted beings into uncontrollable creatures consumed by their primal instincts. Amidst this chaos, you step into the shoes of a deaf protagonist, a heroine undeterred by the whispers of danger. With a personal immunity to the sound-based horror of the plague, she braves the uncertain landscape on a valiant quest for a remedy to save her world.

## Turn-Based Strategy with a Twist

True to its core as a tactical adventure, “Howl” challenges your mind with intricate turn-based gameplay. It demands strategic forethought and cunning decision-making, allowing you to engage with its narrative and characters on a deeper level. This game is not just about battles but also about unraveling a story woven with the threads of folklore and survival.

## Availability Across Multiple Platforms

For those eager to embark on this adventure, “Howl” is now accessible on the Nintendo Switch. A demo version of the game has been made available, granting a sneak peek into the enchanting narrative and gameplay mechanics that await. Furthermore, players can anticipate the launch of “Howl” on PC within the year of 2023, while console enthusiasts can look forward to its arrival on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

Delve into the hauntingly beautiful world of “Howl,” where each turn holds promise and peril. Join the silent heroine on her noble pursuit and become a part of a tale that echoes through the ages.

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