Guatemala to Pursue Lifting New President Arévalo’s Immunity

Guatemalan Prosecutor’s Office to Request Immunity Removal from President-elect Arévalo

On November 16, the Public Ministry of Guatemala (MP) made a significant announcement regarding the recently elected President, Bernardo Arévalo, and his running mate, Karín Herrera. The MP revealed its plans to seek the withdrawal of their immunity in connection with alleged crimes during the 13-month occupation of the University of San Carlos.

Investigations Result in Prosecutorial Actions

The head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, Saúl Sánchez, detailed a series of arrests and raids linked to the case. Sánchez exposed the university’s unfortunate transformation into “political loot” without clarifying Arévalo’s direct involvement. However, he showcased a video snippet that suggested Herrera’s presence at the university following a press conference on August 4, 2022.

The occupation of the educational institution, initiated in May 2022, notably concluded a mere 16 days prior to the general elections on June 25 of that year. According to Sánchez, video evidence from the incident implicates several political entities, including the Semilla Movement—Arévalo’s party—as well as VOS and WINAQ, in crimes at San Carlos University, Guatemala’s largest and sole public academic institution.

Arévalo Calls Actions Against Semilla Movement ‘Spurious and Unacceptable’

The elected president slammed the actions taken by the MP against members of the Semilla Movement as “spurious and unacceptable.” He argued that the MP’s moves were an upset to the executive responsibilities he is destined to assume in January.

In addition, there was a specific demand made on November 15 to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal by the accusing body, pressing for the submission of documentation regarding the enrollment of Arévalo as a Semilla Movement deputy candidate for the current legislative period, although the reasons behind the request were not disclosed.

The Struggle Over Semilla Movement’s Legal Registration

The MP has been pushing since July to annul the Semilla Movement’s legal registration—a maneuver condemned by the political party itself and a number of social agents as an attempt to counteract the expressed popular vote. Nevertheless, the Electoral Tribunal validated the election outcomes at the beginning of November.

Arévalo, having denounced coup schemes by the MP and what he refers to as a “corrupt pact,” succeeded in securing more than 60% of the ballots in the election runoff on August 20. He is scheduled to be inaugurated on January 14.

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Article source: Sputnik Mundo ([email protected])

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