GOTY Nominee List Revealed: Top Contending Games

# Celebrating Excellence in Gaming: The Run-Up to The Game Awards 2023

The anticipation for The Game Awards 2023 is mounting, with the gaming community eagerly awaiting the event that promises a bonanza of industry announcements, release dates, and of course, the prestigious awards celebrating outstanding achievements across various gaming categories. Continuing the tradition, veteran journalist Geoff Keighley will step up as the host, steering the grand celebration and unveiling this year’s contenders for the sought-after title of Game of the Year (GOTY) among several other accolades.

## A Year of Stellar Games

With a year that showered the gaming world with phenomenal releases, the competition for GOTY is more intense than ever. Highlighted titles include the ambitious sequel *Tears of the Kingdom*, the web-slinging action of *Marvel’s Spider-Man 2*, and the eagerly anticipated *Baldur’s Gate 3*. Not to be overlooked, Remedy Entertainment’s latest endeavor, *Alan Wake 2*, makes its mark among the distinguished nominees, solidifying its position as one of the year’s most awaited returns.

## Tune In to the Celebration

Set your calendars for December 7th and prepare to join the global gaming community online as The Game Awards promises to deliver an unforgettable night. The event will be streamed live on official *YouTube* and *Twitch* channels, ensuring that enthusiasts worldwide can partake in the festivities.

## An Array of Esteemed Nominees

The nominees for The Game Awards 2023 are a testament to the industry’s dedication to innovation, storytelling, and immersive experiences. Here’s a glimpse at the games and individuals that have made an indelible mark this year, across various categories:

### Game of the Year (GOTY)
– Alan Wake 2
– Baldur’s Gate 3
– Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
– Resident Evil 4
– Super Mario Bros. Wonder
– The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

### Best Direction and many other categories follow suit, showcasing a tapestry of talent and creativity that spans across genres, platforms, and artistic disciplines.

## A Night to Remember

The nominees outline a rich and diverse landscape of gaming highlights. From thrilling action titles to thoughtful narratives and innovations in accessibility, The Game Awards 2023 is set to honor the best of the best. Every category is packed with contenders that have left an indelible mark on players’ hearts and the industry as a whole.

## Join the Event

With the list of nominees public, the stage is set for an unforgettable evening – one that not only celebrates the year’s gaming triumphs but also sets the tone for future innovations and experiences that push the boundaries of what video games can be. Be a part of the excitement and join the global community as they converge online to witness history in the making at The Game Awards 2023.

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