Gladiator Sequel Features Harrowing Baboon Attack Scene

### Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator 2”: A Glimpse into the Awaited Sequel

Acclaimed director Ridley Scott has his hands full with the production of *Napoleon*, yet the creative genius couldn’t resist giving fans a taste of what’s to come in the highly anticipated sequel to his historical epic, *Gladiator* (2000). In a conversation with *The New Yorker*, Scott expressed an eagerness to resume filming, optimistically stating, “I could shoot on Monday.”

#### Unprecedented Footage Shot Amidst Actor Strike

Despite the challenges, Scott has been meticulously refining the already considerable 90 minutes of footage shot for *Gladiator 2*. Among the spellbinding scenes is an audacious attack by a herd of baboons. The film’s lead, Paul Mescal, might confront a savage showdown with these dangerous primates, leaving the audience in suspense.

#### The Inspiration Behind the Baboon Attack

The catalyst for including such a formidable scene in the upcoming sequel traces back to Scott’s surprise upon viewing a video showcasing baboons aggressively targeting tourists in Johannesburg. Labeled as “criminals on all fours”, these baboons represent a significant threat in South Africa, igniting the imagination of the director for his latest cinematic project.

##### Baboon’s Astonishing Abilities

Scott marvels at the baboons’ physical prowess, comparing human limitations to their extraordinary capabilities. “Baboons are carnivores. Can you hang from that roof for two hours by your left leg? No. A baboon can,” he notes, hinting at the tension-filled scenes that await viewers.

#### Star-Studded Cast and Continuation of the Storyline

With little else disclosed about *Gladiator 2*, it’s known that a stellar cast—including Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, and Pedro Pascal—will lead the narrative. The sequel started its journey in Morocco and faced interruptions due to an actors’ strike in June 2023. Although Russell Crowe, protagonist of the first installment, is not part of the new lineup, his legacy endures through Mescal’s portrayal of Lucius. Audiences previously met Lucius as a child played by Spencer Treat Clark.

*Gladiator 2* is set to roll out an epic continuation of Lucius’s saga on November 22, 2024, and with Ridley Scott at the helm, expectations are high for another masterpiece that brings the ancient world back to the silver screen with a roar fitting for the Roman arenas.

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