Gaza Death Toll Hits 10,812 After Israeli Strikes

Rising Death Toll in Gaza: Health Authorities Announce Elevation to 10,812 Fatalities Due to Israeli Bombings

In a recent update from the Gaza Strip, health authorities have reported a significant increase in the number of casualties as a result of Israeli bombings. The death toll has tragically risen to 10,812, underscoring the devastating impact of the conflict in the region.

Details of the Conflict and Casualties

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The current spiral of violence between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas has claimed the lives of 10,812 people, according to the latest figures from the Gaza Health Ministry. This alarming report comes amid a continuation of intense hostilities that have plagued the area since early October.

“The death toll from the Israeli bombings increased to 10,812, including 4,412 children; another 26,905 people were injured,” the Health Ministry authorities stated, revealing the distressing extent of the humanitarian crisis.

Unprecedented Attacks and Israel’s Military Response

On October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented attack, discharging thousands of missiles from the Gaza Strip and conducting an armed incursion into the border areas of southern Israel. In response, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed, “Israel is at war.”
Israel’s military reciprocated with the mobilization of 300,000 reservists, multiple waves of airstrikes, and a ground offensive. On October 28, Netanyahu announced that Israeli troops had entered the Gaza Strip to target Hamas infrastructure and rescue hostages, marking a critical phase in the conflict.

Humanitarian Crisis Worsens in Gaza

Since October 9, amidst the chaos of war, Gaza has been cut off from basic necessities, exacerbating the suffering of its residents. Fortunately, on October 16, the water supply to the southern regions of Gaza was restored, a slight reprieve for the hundreds of thousands of civilians currently in motion within the enclave.

International Calls for Ceasefire

The international community has raised its voice, urging an immediate halt to hostilities and the initiation of ceasefire negotiations. Simultaneously, there is a growing chorus advocating for a two-state solution as the only viable route to a sustainable peace in the region.

The situation remains tenuous as the world watches on, hoping for a resolution that will bring an end to the suffering and establish a lasting framework for coexistence.

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