Gamer Finds Alien Roaches Draining Oxygen in Starfield

# Starfield’s Alien Menagerie: Explorers Unearth Oxygen-Draining Predators

Since its launch in September, Starfield has captured the imagination of gamers with its vast expanse of explorable planets. These cosmic frontiers are a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes, alien creatures, and hidden surprises that are typical of Bethesda’s games. One player’s recent discovery underscores the wild and unpredictable nature intrinsic to the Starfield universe.

## A Unique Discovery by a Starfield Explorer

An intrepid explorer in Starfield has stumbled upon an extraordinary find—a new species of alien predator that takes down its prey in an unexpected way. This formidable creature drains oxygen directly from the surrounding environment, leaving its victims gasping for air.

It was a Reddit user by the name of DiamondZoyd who brought this revelation to light. By sharing a video of their encounter, they showcased how this bizarre species operates.

## NPC Conversations Lead to Clues

The alien bug’s existence was first hinted at during in-game interactions. Players engage in dialogue with NPC Hadrian Sanon—a xenobiologist—as part of the unfolding narrative. Through probing and inquisitiveness, it’s possible to unearth stories of the most bizarre creatures he’s encountered. One such creature, he recalls, is an insectoid life form from a remote outpost in the Moloch system with the ability to asphyxiate its prey.

## The Oxygen Thieves of Moloch II

DiamondZoyd’s personal encounter occurred on the planet Moloch II, where they were ambushed by a swarm of these “cockroaches.” Individually, these bugs don’t pose a major problem. However, when assaulting in groups, they can rapidly deplete an oxygen meter, which effectively sustains the player’s survival in the game’s environment.

To substantiate his claim, DiamondZoyd demonstrated that it was indeed the cockroach-like creatures, and not a glitch or status effect, that was causing this oxygen drain.

## Beyond the Known Cosmos

While venturing further into the Starfield galaxy, DiamondZoyd purportedly encountered another of Sanon’s described alien monstrosities. This time, it took the shape of an immense beast with resilient armor discovered on the planet Archimedes III. With such a multitude of worlds to traverse, the Starfield universe is rife with enigmatic extraterrestrial life forms awaiting discovery by virtual astronauts.

Players like DiamondZoyd exemplify how the community drives the excitement around uncovering the secrets within Starfield. As the years go by, players can expect to unravel more of these intriguing alien encounters that Bethesda has expertly sprinkled throughout their cosmic sandbox.

(Images credited to DiamondZoyd / Reddit. Image links: [Oxygen-Draining Alien Cockroaches](, [Mysterious Armored Creature](

Starfield continues to offer its explorers a universe brimming with mysterious creatures and untold stories, cementing its place as a pioneer in open-world space adventure games. As players voyage across the Settled Systems, encountering alien life forms that defy human understanding and survive against the dangers of space, one thing remains clear: the final frontier is not just about the destination, but also the incredible discoveries along the way.

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