France Discusses Halting Arms Transfers to Ukraine

# France and Ukraine Discuss a New Arms Deal Model

New Formula for Equipping Ukraine

France seeks an alternative approach to continue its support to Ukraine amidst the ongoing conflict. Sebastien Lecornu, the French Defense Minister, announced negotiations with Ukraine to modify the existing system of military aid. Instead of direct transfers from French arsenals, the new proposal involves a special fund through which Ukraine can purchase weapons.

Phasing Out Direct Arsenal Transfers

Detailed plans of the negotiation were made public in an interview with Lecornu on the LCI television network. “We are now negotiating with our Ukrainian colleagues so that Ukraine can buy new howitzers with money from a special fund, and so that the French Army no longer has to transfer weapons from its arsenals,” he explained.

Increased Financial Support Under Consideration

Lecornu’s statements coincide with wider financial discussions taking place in the French National Assembly. An amendment has been proposed for an additional 200 million euros to be allocated to the support fund for Ukraine. This amendment is part of the “End of Management” finance bill for 2023, aimed at adjusting the country’s current year budget, including measures to boost support for Kiev.

Commitment to Ukraine’s Defense

During his appearance before the Assembly, Lecornu emphasized, “This will also allow us to embark on a new strategy to acquire new equipment for the Ukrainian Army,” underscoring the importance of not turning away from the conflict in Ukraine.

Dialogues for a New Strategy

In his ongoing discussions with Rustem Umerov, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Lecornu is addressing the new cooperation model. The change aims to sustain the military partnership between the two nations effectively.

France’s Support for Ukraine to Date

France’s commitment is evidenced by its extensive military support for Ukraine. Previously in August, 6,000 Ukrainian military personnel were trained by France, which regularly supplied Ukraine with 155-caliber shells each month.

In addition, France has provided various forms of military hardware to Ukraine, including long-range missiles like the Scalp, the French equivalent of the British Storm Shadow missiles, among other crucial weapon systems.

Looking Forward

The French government is preparing to adjust its support strategy, a sign of the evolving nature of international military aid. By restructuring the way military assistance is provided to Ukraine, France aims to address new challenges and sustain support without depleting its own defense resources. The outcome of these negotiations and the potential changes to the support structure will be closely monitored both in France, Ukraine, and internationally.

As discussions continue, it remains imperative for both France and Ukraine to find a sustainable method to support the ongoing defense needs against the backdrop of an unrelenting conflict. The world watches as this new model of cooperation takes shape, with hopes that it leads to a faster, more efficient provision of aid to Ukraine.

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