Extended Gameplay Revealed for ‘Alone in the Dark’ Reboot

# THQ Nordic Unveils Exciting New Gameplay Trailer for ‘Alone in the Dark’

THQ Nordic has just released an impressive and detailed trailer for their highly anticipated game, ‘Alone in the Dark,’ set to launch on January 16, 2024. This substantial eight-minute teaser promises to lure players into the mysterious and ominous world of the Derceto mansion, enticing fans with a glimpse of the horror and adventure that awaits.

## A Glimpse into the Darkness: Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood

The gameplay footage introduces us to the protagonists of this eerie narrative, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, played by the talented David Harbor of ‘Stranger Things’ fame, and Jodie Comer respectively. The pair arrives at the foreboding Derceto mansion, a place shrouded in shadows and dark secrets.

## The Haunting Journey Begins

Throughout the trailer, viewers witness Edward Carnby navigating through unsettling streets only to encounter enemies that he must escape from. Emily Hartwood’s experiences are equally chilling, as we see her forced to confront threats shortly upon her arrival at the mansion.

![Alone in the Dark Extended Gameplay](https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/news/a/alone-in-t/alone-in-the-dark-gets-extended-gameplay-trailer_snc9.jpg)

## Choose Your Own Path in the Darkness

In an interesting twist, ‘Alone in the Dark’ offers players the choice to explore the storyline from the perspective of either Edward or Emily. THQ Nordic ensures that selecting different characters will not merely be an aesthetic choice but will provide unique insights and angles of the overarching story.

## A World Riddled with Horror and Mystery

The trailer also puts the spotlight on the diverse settings within the game. From the dimly-lit streets to a deceptively bright mansion, and extend to the ominous, swampy farmlands, these environments are meticulously crafted to enhance the immersive horror experience.

## Anticipation and Delays

THQ Nordic officially announced ‘Alone in the Dark’ in August 2022, fuelling excitement by revealing its star-studded cast and a release date, as well as by launching a standalone demo in May 2023. However, to the dismay of eager fans, the game faced a delay, now culminating in the current January launch date.

‘Alone in the Dark’ continues to build anticipation amongst gamers with its recent trailer, showcasing both the chilling atmosphere and exciting gameplay. As the release date draws nearer, fans of survival horror games are no doubt marking their calendars for the day they can dive into the spine-tingling adventure of the Derceto mansion.

[Watch the Alone in the Dark Extended Gameplay Trailer](https://es.ign.com/video/196003/embed)

With a mix of classic survival horror elements and innovative storytelling, it seems that THQ Nordic is setting the stage for ‘Alone in the Dark’ to become a memorable addition to the genre. The question remains, will you dare to walk alone in the dark?

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