Explore, Craft, Fight & Meet Ducks in New RPG on Nintendo Switch

# Dive into Adventure with “What the Duck” on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch continually delights gamers with new releases almost every month, and this time, it’s no different. Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s recent Indie World showcase—celebrating upcoming indie games—it’s time to turn our attention to a current gem already making waves in the RPG scene.

## A Quacking New RPG on the Block

On November 9th, the versatile Nintendo console welcomed “What the Duck,” an RPG that offers more than just an intriguing adventure—it brings a unique feathered friend along for the ride. The game’s unique selling point? The protagonist’s companion is a pet duck. That’s right, a duck. It’s an unconventional twist that’s quacking open the door for gamers to waddle into this new world.

### Unravel the Tale with Your Feathered Friend

Developed by Seize Studios and Untold Tales, “What the Duck” invites players to embark on a journey filled with revenge and self-discovery. Accompanied by your unusual spiritual duck, you’ll navigate a world where the bond with animal spirits determines one’s power.

#### Duck-tacular Abilities

The duck is more significant than meets the eye, boasting its own set of skills. From flying and swimming to puzzle-solving and secret hunting, this avian ally is integral to the game’s progress.

#### Power Up for Battle

Not to be outdone, the game’s human protagonist also comes equipped with abilities and weaponry. As you advance, you can enhance these tools, engaging in hack-and-slash combat with a dynamic array of weapons. Swapping weapons in real-time allows for the creation of devastating combo attacks.

![What the Duck Screenshot](https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/screenshot/default/sin-titulo-1_vjsz.jpg “Engage in dynamic combat with a variety of weapons.”)

### Pricing and Availability

“What the Duck” is not just a Nintendo Switch exclusive; it was simultaneously released on PC via Steam. Normally priced at 19.99 euros, the game is currently available at a discounted rate of 11.99 euros on both the eShop and Steam. This special offer concludes on November 16th on Steam and December 8th, 2023 on the eShop.

## Nintendo’s Exciting Developments

In other Nintendo news, excitement bubbles as the much-anticipated live-action movie for “The Legend of Zelda” has finally been announced. Details are scarce, but what we do know is that Sony Pictures Entertainment is teaming up with Nintendo for theatrical distribution and film co-financing, and Wes Ball is set to direct this cinematic venture.

“Nintendo Switch continues to assert its uniqueness in the gaming world, this time by highlighting the unbreakable bond between a hero and his duck. “What the Duck” stands out not just for its gameplay, but for its heartwarming and feathery core—a testament to Nintendo’s commitment to innovative and enjoyable gaming experiences.”

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