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# Introduction to Amazon Luna in Spain

Spanish gamers have long awaited more cloud gaming options, and the much-anticipated Amazon Luna has finally answered their calls. No longer reliant on services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Spanish gaming enthusiasts can now dive into the robust world of Amazon Luna, which officially launched in Spain on November 16, 2023.

# Amazon Luna: Unveiling the Cloud Gaming Service

Initially announced back in 2020, Amazon Luna had already sparked interest with its promise of cloud gaming service. Now, three years post-announcement, it has materialized in Spain, offering gamers there the chance to indulge in its offerings through three distinct subscription levels.

# What You Should Know About Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna boasts a substantial offering with a varied catalog of over 100 games. The service allows subscribed users to stream games directly, eliminating the need for powerful computers, consoles, or mobile devices to run high-demand titles. However, gamers should take note of device compatibility—the service supports PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS.

## Subscription Plans Explained

1. **Jackbox Games:** As the most affordable option, the Jackbox Games plan costs just €4.99 a month, featuring games such as Drawful and Trivia Murder Party.

2. **Luna+:** Priced at €9.99 a month, the Luna+ plan also comes with a seven-day free trial and includes games like Team Sonic Racing and Batman: Arkham Knight.

3. **Ubisoft+:** Tailored for fans of Ubisoft, this tier is set at €17.99 a month and encompasses titles like Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the anticipated Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

![Amazon Luna Screenshot](https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/screenshot/default/sin-titulo-1_jasb.jpg)

## A Bonus for Amazon Prime Subscribers

Those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime can access Amazon Luna without additional charges, albeit with certain restrictions. Popular titles available to Prime users include Ride 4, Tiny Lands, Fortnite, and Get Packed: Couch Chaos, with the selection of games rotating over time.

## Essential Connectivity and Hardware Compatibility

A solid Internet connection is key to the optimal Amazon Luna experience. The recommended minimum is a 10 Mbps connection. For controllers, Luna supports both PlayStation and Xbox ones. However, Amazon hasn’t missed the opportunity to launch its own Luna wireless controller, typically priced at €69.99 but currently discounted to €39.99 to mark the service’s launch. This special offer lasts until November 27.

## Conclusion

With the arrival of Amazon Luna in Spain, gaming has taken an exciting leap toward accessibility and convenience. Whether casual or hardcore, all sorts of gamers can find something suitable with Luna’s flexible subscription models and varied game catalog. As cloud gaming continues to evolve, Amazon Luna’s debut in Spain marks a pivotal moment for the industry and its enthusiasts alike.

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