“Enola Holmes 3: Work Underway at the Platform” (54 characters)

# Millie Bobby Brown Set to Star in “Enola Holmes 3”

## The Journey Continues: Millie Bobby Brown Returns as Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown has become a household name largely thanks to her breakout role in Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.” Her rise to fame has also been propelled by her lead role in the film “Enola Holmes,” where she plays the titular character, the clever and independent younger sister of the famed detective Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Harry Bradbeer, the film has since spawned a sequel, and fans will be thrilled to hear that Netflix is gearing up for a third installment.

## Netflix Confirms Third Installment of Enola Holmes

Scott Stuber, Netflix’s film director, revealed exciting news during his latest interview with Collider. He expressed his admiration for Millie Bobby Brown’s talents and confirmed Netflix’s eagerness to collaborate with her on a third “Enola Holmes” film. Stuber disclosed that the script for the upcoming movie is already in its development stages.

### A New Adventure Awaits

The “Enola Holmes” franchise has excited audiences with its fresh take on the iconic Holmes universe. “The Holmes intellectual property is strangely elastic. Obviously, Warner Bros. did an incredible job with [Robert Downey Jr.] and Jude Law, so the idea that we can expand that intellectual property with [Millie Bobby Brown] is exciting. So we are working on a new script to try to achieve that. I aspire to that, I would like to do another one,” said Stuber, hinting at the potential directions the new film could take.

## Cast Members for Enola Holmes 3: To Be Announced

Following the resolution of the writers’ strike, Netflix was able to jumpstart the scriptwriting process for “Enola Holmes 3.” However, who will join Millie Bobby Brown in the film remains to be seen. The industry’s anticipation of which actors from the first two installments will reprise their roles continues as the casting details are under wraps.

## Enola Holmes: A Modern Twist on a Classic

The first two “Enola Holmes” films introduced audiences to Brown’s portrayal of Enola, as she steps out of her brother’s shadow to solve mysteries of her own. Based on the “The Adventures of Enola Holmes” book series by author Nancy Springer, the films have been praised for their engaging storytelling and charismatic performances.

![Enola Holmes](https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/screenshot/default/sin-titulo-1_t14y.jpg “The Latest Chapter in Enola Holmes Saga”)

## Millie Bobby Brown’s Upcoming Projects

Eager for Millie Bobby Brown’s return on Netflix, fans are also looking forward to the release of “Stranger Things” season five. Prior to that, Brown will grace the screen in the movie “Damsel,” directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with a release date set for 2024. This project, like “Enola Holmes,” is a Netflix exclusive, ensuring that the streaming giant continues its successful partnership with the young actress.

The promise of a third “Enola Holmes” movie adds to the excitement for Millie Bobby Brown’s growing filmography. As Netflix solidifies its slate of original content, viewers can rest assured that there is plenty more mystery and adventure to come.

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