Director: Disney Feared ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Could Harm Its Image

# Celebrating 30 Years of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: A Look at Its Unconventional Disney Journey

As the leaves change colors and the cool breeze heralds the return of fall, fans of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ revisit this iconic feature with great nostalgia. Marking its 30th anniversary, the film directed by Henry Selick and conceived by the whimsically macabre mind of Tim Burton continues to enchant audiences. Here we delve into the lore and reveal some intriguing anecdotes behind this holiday classic.

## Behind The Scenes With Henry Selick

Recently, The New York Times got a chance to converse over a call with Henry Selick, the director of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. In this intimate session, Selick shared a curious fact that might take many by surprise: **Disney had concerns about the film impacting its brand reputation**, which led to certain precautions being taken.

## Releasing Under The Touchstone Banner

Despite being a Disney property, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ made its debut in 1993 not with the Disney logo, but under the Touchstone Pictures label. Selick asserts that had it worn the Disney branding upon its initial release, **the film might have seen greater success.**

“They were afraid it would hurt their brand. If they had named it Disney at the time, it would have been much more successful, **but I understand that it was unlike any of their other animated films**,” Selick revealed.

Tim Burton himself echoes this sentiment, understanding the hesitancy of Disney executives towards their dark and unconventional project: “It was a plethora of firsts: the art of stop motion, a lead character who had hollow eyes, and a soundtrack filled with evocative music. Why would they not be apprehensive?”

## The Possibility of a Sequel or Prequel

As with any successful film, the whispers and wonders of a potential continuation arise. Fans have long fantasized about a comeback of characters like Zero, Jack, Sally, and the rest of Halloween Town’s denizens. Selick shared some insight, expressing interest in a prequel that explores Jack Skellington’s origins. However, he reminds us that any final decision lies with Tim Burton.

“[The Nightmare Before Christmas] is **a perfect movie that debuted at the perfect time** and has since burgeoned into something even grander with the passage of years,” Selick commented recently.

If you’ve yet to experience the magic of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ or are feeling the urge to return to Halloween Town, remember that the film is available on Disney+. Indulge in the bewitching world and uncover the many curiosities and hidden gems that have made the film a timeless classic.

The tale of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ serves as a testament to the power of creative risks and storytelling that defies convention. Thirty years on, it continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, further solidifying its place in the pantheon of animated masterpieces.

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