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# Introducing the Steam Deck OLED: Valve’s Latest Improvement to Portable Gaming

Valve revolutionized portable PC gaming just over a year ago. Now, they’re raising the bar even higher with their latest announcement.

## Valve Upgrades the Steam Deck Experience

More than a year after transforming the laptop PC into a commonly embraced gadget for gaming on the go, Valve has unveiled a new iteration of its trendsetting device: the **Steam Deck OLED**. Slated for release on **November 16**, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to an enhanced OLED display, better audio, and a series of quality-of-life improvements.

The updated model boasts a significant enhancement in battery life, with Valve projecting an impressive **30 to 50 percent improvement** over the original release version.

## Storage Options and Availability

Gamers will have the option to choose from two storage configurations for the Steam Deck OLED: **512GB and 1TB**, priced at **549 and 649 euros** respectively. The Steam Deck OLED retains the handy microSD card slot, and with pre-orders set to begin next week, anticipation is already building.

## A Closer Look at The Tech Upgrades

The new Steam Deck variant features a dazzling **7.4-inch HDR OLED touchscreen**, a small but significant increase from the original seven-inch, while maintaining the overall dimensions. The OLED model also presents **sleeker bezels** than the first-generation unit.

Another notable upgrade is the inclusion of a **50 Wh battery**, improving upon the original’s 40 Wh and promising faster charging times.

![Steam Deck OLED](

### Performance Continuity with Refresh Rate Perks

It’s important to note that the Steam Deck OLED doesn’t promise any internal performance improvements. The OLED screen presents a higher refresh rate of **90 Hz**, but gaming resolution remains at **1280 x 800 pixels**.

The introduction of a **Wi-Fi 6E module** is notable, however, enabling potentially tripled download speeds and enhanced online play, depending on the user’s internet setup.

## Unique Additions to the New Steam Deck

Despite the fact that this isn’t the highly-anticipated Steam Deck 2 — which Valve suggests won’t hit the market until at least 2025 — this refreshed model incorporates significant updates to the portable PC gaming platform.

The Steam Deck OLED is not just about improved visuals and battery longevity. The device is set to be **approximately 30 grams lighter** and will run cooler than its predecessor, addressing the concerns regarding excessive heat due to improved thermal designs.

## Special Edition: An Exclusive Treat

Valve is also releasing a limited edition Steam Deck OLED with a captivating **translucent design**, available only for the 1TB model. This exclusive variant features a unique carrying case and is priced slightly higher at **$679**.

Unfortunately for international fans, the special edition is restricted to consumers in the **US and Canada**.

![Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED](

For others, Valve maintains its classic all-black design, with customization options available through third-party backplates and skins. While new color options aren’t currently on the table, Valve hasn’t dismissed the possibility for future Steam Deck models.

As we move closer to the release date, the excitement for the new Steam Deck OLED continues to build. Gamers should gear up for a pre-order frenzy, with the promise of improved portable play on the horizon.

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