Deep Dive into Super Mario RPG: A Comprehensive Review

# Rediscovering a Classic: Super Mario RPG Comes to Nintendo Switch

## A Fresh Spin on the Iconic Plumber’s Adventures

Super Mario has been synonymous with innovative platforming gameplay for decades. However, back in 1996, an experiment took the beloved plumber into uncharted territory—RPGs. With **Super Mario RPG**, initially released on the Super NES, Nintendo partnered with Square (now Square Enix), creators of the Final Fantasy series. Despite being a cult classic, this gem never reached European shores. Now, with the Nintendo Switch, a new generation has the chance to explore this RPG adventure, remastered with updated graphics and music, set to debut on November 17.

## Tailor-Made for an RPG Setting

The Mario franchise already possesses all the ingredients to craft an engaging RPG—our hero Mario ready to save the world, a dastardly villain, and a princess to rescue. But true to form, Super Mario RPG breaks from tradition. In a surprising twist, Princess Peach and Bowser are not mere NPCs but playable characters in this enchanting 3D quest to recover the 7 stars.

### Classic Super Mario Ingredients

The magic of Super Mario RPG lies in transforming a traditional platformer into a compelling isometric adventure that integrates familiar elements from the series. Mario’s journey kicks off in an unconventional manner—right after rescuing Princess Peach. However, a new malevolent force soon scatters the stars, thrusting our heroes into an even grander quest for peace.

Players will traverse a generous landscape filled with exploration rewards, engaging with villagers, and unlocking new areas. Classic RPG mechanics like turn-based combat and consumable items blend effortlessly with unique touches akin to the Super Mario universe. Think mushrooms for health recovery, stars for temporary invincibility, and special skills that harken back to the iconic series.

### Reinventing Combat and Legacy Mechanics

Super Mario RPG introduces timed action commands—a feature that would resonate in future iterations like Paper Mario. These commands require precise timing to either deal extra damage or nail a perfect defense. The game pampers new players with an easy Story mode but doesn’t skimp on advanced techniques for those craving more complexity. And with exciting triple techniques, featuring stunning cinematics, combat remains an exhilarating experience.

## A Plethora of Playable Characters and Tactical Depth

With five unique characters to guide, each boasting individual skills that share common resources, players can strategize their approach to combat. From the supportive Mallow to the damage-dealing Geno, and from Peach’s invaluable healing abilities to Bowser’s brute strength, the diversity in gameplay styles is immense. Periodic minigames, like guessing the location of Yoshi’s egg, add an element of luck and fun to the battles.

## Boss Battles That Delight and Challenge

Super Mario RPG ensures that boss encounters are as ingenious and unpredictable as possible. From arrow-shooting foes to bosses that can replicate your characters, each battle is a delightful strategy puzzle. Although the game has been streamlined a bit from its original difficulty, the inclusion of some truly tough optional bosses maintains a sense of challenge for seasoned gamers.

## Exploring a World Full of Secrets

Super Mario RPG doesn’t only shine with its combat and story. Explorers will find hostels, shops, side quests, hidden chests, and mini-games that build upon the main narrative. Whether chasing beetles or engaging in Yoshi races, the game offers lots of engaging activities and surprises. Classic puzzles and a treasure trove of creative encounters will keep even the most curious adventurers busy.

### Attention to Detail and Remastering

Nintendo has lovingly preserved many aspects of Super Mario RPG, ensuring that the game remains playable nearly 30 years later. Now, with HD graphics and a fully remastered soundtrack, players can appreciate the details and references to other classic games that were originally lost due to hardware limitations.

## A Timeless Gem Reborn on Switch

Super Mario RPG is more than simply nostalgia—Nintendo has breathed new life into this often-overlooked cornerstone by enhancing its gameplay in subtle, yet significant ways. After 20 hours or more of gameplay, filled with discoveries, secrets, and thoroughly engaging content, it’s clear that Mario’s role-playing journey still captivates. Available on the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario RPG stands as a compelling testament to Mario’s versatility, irresistible charm, and enduring appeal, 27 years on.

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