David Harbour Shares Love for Bethesda Games from Stranger Things

# David Harbour: A ‘Stranger Things’ Star’s Love for Gaming and ‘Starfield’

David Harbour, known for captivating audiences as the rugged Jim Hopper in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things”, is no stranger to the world of video games. In an engaging interview with IGN, Harbour shared his enthusiasm for one of Bethesda’s latest and most anticipated projects, ‘Starfield’.

## Harbour’s Galactic Gaming Adventure

During the conversation with IGN, Harbour revealed his fondness for ‘Starfield’, an ambitious title developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Not only has he been deeply immersed in the game, but he also shed light on how he customized his in-game persona.

“‘Starfield? I love it! It’s been a very controversial game, right? With Todd Howard, and with Bethesda in general, there’s always a lot of controversy. But I have to say that there is something about Bethesda games that makes their worlds very rich,” Harbour explained.

True to form, Harbour has also indulged in the flexibility the game offers, “I’ve leveled up my character using all exploits to get infinite money and steal things,” he confessed. Yet, when it comes to the appearance of his character, he chose to diverge from reality. Harbour humorously remarked, “No, God, no, my character is extremely young and extremely handsome.”

## Connecting Acting with Gaming Passion

Harbour doesn’t just enjoy gaming in his downtime—he integrates this passion into his professional career. He has taken roles in the gaming world, including the film adaptation of ‘Gran Turismo’, where he is set to star. Furthermore, he is also the voice of Edward Carnby in the upcoming reboot of the classic horror game ‘Alone in the Dark’, which, due to delays, is now scheduled for release on January 16, 2024.

## From Screen to Console

The multifaceted actor is poised to continue his on-screen journey with the planned fifth and final season of “Stranger Things”. As the curtains close on the Hollywood actor and screenwriter strikes from recent months, production companies are revving up to return to their tentpole franchises. With the script of the highly anticipated season still under wraps and no specific premiere date set, fans eagerly await the return of Jim Hopper and the continuation of the supernatural saga on Netflix.

In the meantime, Harbour’s appreciation for immersive gaming worlds like that of ‘Starfield’ underscores the ever-blurring lines between various forms of entertainment, highlighting the shared narrative power of both games and films in the digital age.

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