Cuba Joins UNESCO’s Executive Council

Cuba Secures Position on UNESCO’s Executive Council

In a significant development for Cuba’s role in global cultural and educational engagement, the nation was elected to the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This appointment took place during the 42nd General Conference held in Paris, affirming Cuba’s active participation in global cultural affairs.

Cuba’s Election to the UNESCO Executive Council

Cuba’s ascension to this influential body marks a pivotal step in the advancement of its international collaborations. This historic election occurred on November 15, 2023, as announced by the island nation’s Foreign Ministry.

The Competition and the Council’s Mandate

Amidst the election process, Cuba was among the candidates vying for one of the 31 contested positions to join the 58-member governing body of UNESCO. The Executive Council plays a critical role, charged with the implementation of policies set by the General Conference and the oversight of UNESCO’s agenda and financial plan.

The 42nd General Conference of UNESCO

The conference, which began on November 7 and spans until November 22, provides a venue for education ministers of member nations to convene. It also hosts a Youth Forum alongside debates and evaluations related to the operation of the organization.

Cuba’s Delegation and Advocacy at the Conference

Chaired by Education Minister Naima Ariatne Trujillo, the Cuban delegation comprises dignitaries such as Ambassador Yahima Esquivel, Dulce María Buergo, president of the Cuban National Commission for UNESCO, and other representatives from ministries encompassing Education, Higher Education, Culture, and Communications.

Importantly, Cuba utilized this platform to denounce the impact of the US blockade against the island, underscoring its detrimental effects on Cuban society and development.

Further Information on Cuba’s Role

Additional details of Cuba’s involvement and statements can be accessed via the official website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex).

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