Crunchyroll Delights Fans with Free Game Selection

# Crunchyroll Game Vault: A New Gaming Chapter for Anime Fans

Crunchyroll, the platform best known for streaming anime, is aiming to expand its entertainment offerings. With the launch of the Crunchyroll Game Vault, the company is stepping into the world of gaming, providing its Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan members with an exclusive selection of free video games. Unlike typical mobile gaming experiences, these games come devoid of advertisements and in-app purchases, offering seamless gameplay for fans.

## Now on Android, Coming Soon to iOS

**Crunchyroll Game Vault** has officially started rolling out its service for Android users and plans to extend its reach to the iOS audience. Although specific details about its iOS debut remain tentative, its introduction alone has piqued the interest of many. This innovative service treats Crunchyroll’s premium subscribers to an evolving library of mobile gaming content.

## Premium Titles Without the Premium Price Tag

### Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

In this tactical action game, players are introduced to Damien, a boy who finds himself in Japan and turns to his vibrant imagination for comfort. As the superhero Captain Velvet Meteor, he embarks on an adventure within a world shaped by his favorite manga, meeting a host of Jump+ characters who aid him in confronting an enigmatic menace.

### River City Girls

The classic beat ’em up game style returns as players take control of Misako and Kyoko, two determined girls navigating River City’s treacherous streets. Their mission? To save their boyfriends, Kunio and Riki. No obstacle is big enough to stop these spirited heroines.

### Wolfstride

Wolfstride is an RPG that follows a trio of adventurers who find themselves in the mix of a giant robot tournament. Here, you’ll indulge in mecha upgrades, take on various gigs for cash, and interact with an array of engaging characters.

### Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery

This visually enchanting game invites players to pick up their digital brushes and dive into a world of artistry and puzzle-solving. While dealing with the interruptions of a grumpy neighbor and a pesky cat, you unravel the inspiring narrative of an artist’s pursuit of her magnum opus.

### inbento

A heart-touching tale wrapped up in culinary puzzles, inbento celebrates the journey of parenthood. Players will engage with intricate gameplay mechanics, creating delicately crafted recipes, and savoring the storyline from the developers of Golf Peaks.

## A Growing Library of Games

Crunchyroll confirms that this is only the beginning, with more titles slated for future release. With bated breath, fans can expect their gaming repertoire to expand in the months to come. For additional details on how the app functions and to download the Android version—with the iOS link soon to follow—users are encouraged to visit Crunchyroll’s official website.

The integration of gaming into Crunchyroll’s platform not only enriches the offerings for anime enthusiasts but also broadens the horizons for mobile gaming. As Crunchyroll weaves these two immersive worlds of anime and gaming together, members are sure to enjoy the benefits of the Game Vault. Keep an eye on this space for more exciting updates from Crunchyroll and their ever-evolving entertainment experience.

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