Creators of ‘Night in the Woods’ Shelve New Game Amid Health Issues

# Anticipated Game “Revenant Hill” Canceled Due to Serious Health Concerns

## The End of a Journey Before It Begins
Players around the globe familiar with the touch of magic that Bethany Hockenberry and Scott Benson brought to “Night in the Woods” have eagerly awaited their next creation, “Revenant Hill”. Unfortunately, the anticipation has been met with heartrending news: **the project has been canceled due to grave health issues** afflicting the team.

## The Hopeful Rise and Sudden Fall of Revenant Hill
“Revenant Hill” was poised to be the first offering from The Glory Society, the new studio established by Hockenberry and Benson. Yet, before the game could bask in the spotlight, its fate was sealed in darkness. **The studio announced the cancellation through social platforms**, with a candid expression of the pains being faced behind the scenes.

> An announcement: [](
> — The Glory Society (@theglorysociety) [November 7, 2023](

In a statement permeated by gratitude and sorrow, The Glory Society revealed the core reason for the game’s unfortunate demise: “**serious health problems** have required two critical members to exit the project indefinitely.” They emphasized the irreplaceable nature of the lost skills due to the team’s small size.

## Above All, Health Takes Precedence
The studio’s declaration also shines a light on the priority they place on well-being, reminding us that “the health of the team is honestly, **more important than games**.” They extend warm thanks to everyone involved in the journey thus far, indicating a possible future discussion about their collective experiences and insights.

## A Personal Struggle Acknowledged
Scott Benson bravely disclosed his own battle with a severe medical condition, sharing with followers that he has been diagnosed with serious heart failure. His openness extends to describing the tumultuous period of hospital visits, medical tests, and coping mechanisms, stating, “**I am sad about what happened. But getting angry about this is like getting angry about bad weather.**”

## A Glimpse Into the Game That Might Have Been
“Revenant Hill,” which made its public debut at the PlayStation Showcase in May, was set to unfurl its tale in 1919. Gamers would have taken on the role of Twigs, a cat forced to take refuge on a sopping log when his barn goes up in flames. Complicating matters is an owl demanding rent, setting the stage for Twigs’ struggle and subsequent tangled adventures – a narrative thread now cut short.

As the community processes the loss of what could have been a remarkable game, the circumstances surrounding its cancellation are a stark reminder of the fragility of human endeavors and the supremacy of health over ambition. We wish the best for The Glory Society and all affected by the cancellation, hoping their next chapter brings healing and new beginnings.

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