Colombia Captures 1.8 Tons of Cocaine in Submersible

Colombian Navy Seizes 1.8 Tons of Cocaine on Semi-Submersible Vessel

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, the Colombian Navy intercepted a semi-submersible vessel laden with a massive shipment of cocaine. The vessel was navigating the South Pacific waters of Colombia when it was captured on November 12, 2023, carrying a colossal 1,885 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

Coordinated Efforts Lead to Major Drug Bust

The interception of the semi-submersible, which was reportedly bound for Central America, was a result of the diligent efforts of Coast Guard Units. During their thorough inspection of the vessel, they discovered 94 packages of varying shapes and sizes. These rectangular parcels contained the seized cocaine, with the bust significantly disrupting the operations of drug traffickers.

Capture and Subsequent Sinking of the Vessel

The crew of the vessel, comprising one Colombian and two Ecuadorians, were detained and taken aboard a Colombian Navy ship. They were thereafter transported to the district of Tumaco-NariƱo. Complications with the vessel were subsequently reported: the semi-submersible experienced failures that led to its sinking brought on by challenging weather conditions in the area.

Impact of the Seizure on Drug Trafficking

With the interception of the semi-submersible and seizure of its illicit cargo, the Colombian Navy thwarted the flow of over 63 million dollars into the coffers of transnational crime organizations. In addition, it prevented the distribution of approximately 4.7 million doses of cocaine from reaching the international black market. This operation marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against drug trafficking in Latin America.

Colombia’s Battle Against Cocaine Production and Trafficking

Colombia has long been identified as one of the world’s top cocaine producers. This is evidenced by United Nations data which indicates that both the area of coca leaf plantations and the production of the drug reached unprecedented levels last year. A report by the United Nations Integrated Illicit Crop Monitoring System published in September highlighted that Colombia witnessed a record 230,000 hectares cultivated with narcotics, predominantly coca leaves, in 2022.

The potential output of cocaine hydrochloride also exhibited a dramatic increase of 24%, amounting to 1,738 tons. Such figures underline the daunting scale of the challenge faced by Colombia and international agencies to curb the narcotics trade.

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Colombia reaches record figures for coca cultivation and cocaine production

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