Chucky Joins Dead by Daylight in Exciting New Crossover

# Dead by Daylight Welcomes Chucky to the Terror Roster

## Chucky: The Doll Turned Killer Joins the Fray

The heart-pounding survival game Dead by Daylight is no stranger to adding iconic characters from the horror genre, and its latest update is no different. The notorious Chucky, the doll turned serial killer from the renowned Child’s Play slasher film franchise, is making his way into the game. Starting November 28, players can look forward to facing off against the petite yet menacing assassin in the asymmetrical multiplayer experience.

![Chucky in Dead by Daylight](

## A Voice From the Past: Brad Dourif Returns

In an exciting reveal for fans of the series, developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that Brad Dourif, the original voice actor behind Chucky, will be reprising his role for the game. This addition will likely give an authentic touch to the character, further immersing players in the spine-chilling gameplay.

## Dressing Up Death: Customization Options

What’s more thrilling than having Chucky join the game? The ability to customize him. Behaviour Interactive introduces the Good Gal outfit, inspired by the Bride of Chucky’s own Tiffany Valentine, with Jennifer Tilly lending her voice. These customization options offer players the opportunity to tailor their gaming experience and bring a touch of personal style to the horror.

![Chucky’s Bride Outfit Render](

## A Killer’s Skill Set: Stealth and Agility

Chucky promises to be a formidable foe in Dead by Daylight. He possesses a skill set that allows him to move across the map with an unnerving stealth. His ability, aptly named Slice & Dice, enables him to strike rapidly at unsuspecting victims, closing distances and overcoming obstacles with unsettling ease. Plus, using his spirit form, Charles Lee Ray, Chucky can harness additional tactical advantages such as jumping out of windows and scrambling under pallets, making him a truly versatile killer.

## Dead by Daylight: A Unique Yet Limited Experience

In our review of Dead by Daylight, we deemed the game as a unique venture into the realm of cooperative survival horror. While it proposes an original and engaging gameplay dynamic, it’s best enjoyed in the company of friends and may not stand out as much in the wider landscape of multiplayer games. Nevertheless, the addition of Chucky is sure to excite fans and perhaps even bring fresh life to the game’s already thrilling premise.

Dead by Daylight continues to captivate players by embracing the dark and twisted world of horror legends, and Chucky’s arrival marks yet another terrifying chapter. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Child’s Play saga or an avid gamer seeking adrenaline-pumping encounters, brace yourself for the horror that awaits you on November 28.

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