Chad Stahelski Confirms John Wick Anime & ‘The Continental’ Spin-off Series

# The John Wick Universe Expands With Anime and New TV Series

The high-octane action spectacle that is the John Wick franchise is broadening its horizons far beyond the brooding antihero portrayed by Keanu Reeves. Chad Stahelski, the director behind all four John Wick movies, unveiled exciting developments during an episode of The Discourse podcast, as reported by The Playlist.

## A New Venture Into Television

Stahelski mentioned that Lionsgate is driving the creation of a John Wick television series. With this new medium, the aim is to delve into the intricate underworld known as La Alta Mesa, giving fans of the franchise a deeper glimpse into its dark and captivating mythology.

## Independence From “The Continental”

The new TV project will stand independently of “The Continental,” a prequel series set within the same universe that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in September. Stahelski elaborated on this separation, emphasizing that the new project would allow for the expansion of the John Wick world beyond the central character.

### Exploring Beloved Characters

Stahelski expressed his affection for the characters from John Wick 4, particularly highlighting Donnie Yen, Rina Sawayama, and Shamier Anderson’s roles. The series and other developments will provide a platform for these dynamic characters and perhaps lead to even more captivating stories within the John Wick universe.

## Potential Spin-offs and Anime Adaptations

Donnie Yen himself hinted at his interest in returning to his character, Caine, in a possible spin-off. Meanwhile, Stahelski has piqued the interest of fans worldwide with the mention of an anime project. A devoted fan of Japanese animation, Stahelski’s passion could very well translate into an animated version that captures the essence of the John Wick world.

As the franchise’s expansion moves ahead, IGN has apparently reached out to Lionsgate for additional comments on these emerging developments.

## The Future of John Wick

Despite the fourth film’s conclusive feel, Lionsgate has no intention of halting the John Wick saga. The studio and its creative team are investing in several new projects including an Ana de Armas-led spin-off called “Ballerina,” set to release on June 7, 2024.

Plans for “John Wick 5” are also on the table, with producer Basil Iwanyk acknowledging its development. Details are sparse, as the creative team is careful not to rush the storyline in pursuit of quick profits. They are focusing on crafting a narrative that remains true to the franchise’s roots, without sacrificing quality.

## Conclusion

With a widening universe that is set to include television, anime, and additional films, John Wick fans have much to look forward to. While the story of the titular character may seem to have reached a climax, the world around him continues to evolve, bringing with it limitless possibilities for new stories, characters, and breathtaking action.

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