Biden Discusses ‘China Issues’ Before Key Xi Meeting

The Biden Method: Addressing “China’s Problems” Ahead of a Pivotal Summit with Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival in San Francisco marks the beginning of highly anticipated discussions at the Summit with President Biden and the 30th Leaders’ Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). As world leaders prepare for the conference, the rhetoric from both sides suggests an intriguing blend of confrontation and diplomacy.

Xi Jinping’s US Visit: A Signal of Renewed Dialogue

President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States is his first since 2017, signifying a critical moment for Sino-American relations. The upcoming interactions between Xi and Biden hold the potential to reshape the dynamics between the two superpowers amidst a backdrop of rising tensions and global challenges.

Biden’s Pre-Summit Remarks Stir the Pot

On the eve of his meeting with Xi, President Biden told Democratic donors in San Francisco, “President Xi is another example of how the restoration of American leadership in the world is taking hold. You have real problems, folks.” This statement underlines the tough stance Biden is expected to take when confronting issues such as trade, technology, and geopolitical influence.

China’s Call for Respect and Cooperation

Responding to Biden’s comments, Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, remarked, “I think there is no country in the world that does not have problems.” Mao extended an expectation towards the United States to also address its own issues to improve the lives of the American people. Highlighting mutual respect as the cornerstone for improving China-US relations, Mao expressed hope for a trajectory towards “healthy and stable” development between the two nations.

Biden and Xi: A History of Interaction

As leaders, Biden and Xi have only met once since the former’s election in 2021, although they have had six communications during this time. Biden’s extensive experience with Xi while serving as Vice President under Barack Obama, along with claims of extensive travel and private meetings with Xi, positions him as a leader familiar with the Chinese President.

Media Scrutiny on Biden’s Claims

Biden’s assertions regarding his time spent with Xi were met with skepticism, as reports clarified that their shared journeys primarily revolved around official meetings, with the two leaders sometimes traveling in parallel to joint destinations.

The Legacy of Trump’s Policies and Biden’s Approach

Under Biden’s presidency, the decline in China-US relations, initiated by Donald Trump’s trade and technology offensive against the People’s Republic, has continued. Biden has expanded upon these measures with increased geopolitical and military pressure, most notably through heightened support for Taiwan and security pacts with regional allies.

APEC Summit in San Francisco: A Platform for Dialogue

The APEC forum, hosted in San Francisco from November 11 to 17, provides a stage for dialogue and potential conciliation between China and the United States. With a scheduled meeting on November 16, and subsequent talks on the final day of the summit, the world awaits the outcomes of these crucial discussions.

In essence, the upcoming summit presents a complex tableau of international relations where confrontation and cooperation are locked in a delicate balance. The world watches as two of its most influential leaders navigate through the challenges posed by pressing global and bilateral issues, all within the dynamic setting of the APEC forum.

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