Beijing Labels Biden’s Xi Remarks as Reckless, False

Beijing Criticizes Biden’s Remarks on President Xi Jinping as ‘Irresponsible and Erroneous’

Beijing has voiced its disapproval regarding a statement made by US President Joe Biden about Chinese President Xi Jinping, describing the comment as “irresponsible and erroneous.” The rebuke came from the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, following recent engagements between the two nations’ leaders.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Responds to President Biden’s Comment

The Chinese foreign ministry spoke out against the remarks made by Biden, stressing the disapproval of the Chinese government. Mao Ning, addressing the issue at a briefing, stated, “This statement is extremely erroneous and irresponsible. China strongly opposes political manipulation.”

Biden’s ‘Dictator’ Comment Sparks Controversy

President Biden’s contentious comment came after a meeting with Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum summit in San Francisco. Reaffirming his previous stance on Xi, Biden reiterated that he views him as a “dictator,” a term with significant political ramifications and bound to stir diplomatic tensions.

Mao Ning cautioned that “there are always people with ulterior motives who try to provoke and undermine relations between China and the US, but this will not succeed.”

Background of the Diplomatic Strain

The exchange between the US and Chinese leaders takes place against the backdrop of an incident involving a purported Chinese spy balloon shot down by the US military. Biden had earlier commented at a fundraising event in California that Xi was upset over this episode, suggesting that the Chinese President was unaware of the balloon’s existence – an insinuation indicative of ‘a great shame for dictators.’

Attempts to Repair Bilateral Relations

The US president’s comment was notably made shortly after the Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China with the aim to improve bilateral relations, signaling intricate diplomatic efforts between the two powers. Such comments pose challenges to these diplomatic efforts, highlighting the delicate balance in US-China relations.

Impact on APEC Member States

The annual APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit also draws into focus the economic competition between China and the US, particularly for the markets of member states like Peru and Chile. The regional dynamics and the geopolitical rivalry can potentially create an environment where smaller economies could “take advantage” of the situation to negotiate better terms for trade and investment.

Such geopolitical tensions underscore the broader narrative of the Asia-Pacific region, where economic collaboration and political bargaining go hand in hand.

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