Avengers Foresee Fortnite’s 2023 Popularity Resurgence

# The Marvelous Prophecy: Avengers Endgame’s Eerie Fortnite Prediction

In what seems like a script pulled straight from the pages of fiction, the popular online game Fortnite has brought it’s original gaming map back in an update, which was oddly foreseen by the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Released in 2019, the movie showcased a scene that unexpectedly predicted the recent developments of Fortnite in 2023.

## Accidental Prophecy in Endgame

**Avengers: Endgame** featured a memorable moment where Korg, the Kronan warrior, was seen deeply engrossed in playing Fortnite on a PlayStation 4. It was initially seen as a minor detail not quite aligning with the timeline, since the film was actually set in the present year, 2023. Back when the film was released, nobody could have guessed how Fortnite would transform over the years – with sweeping changes to its gameplay map and interface.

The classic Fortnite map that Korg enjoyed had been revamped by Epic Games in 2019 resulting in the Pisos Picados area not being available anymore. This created a tiny chronological inconsistency within the Marvel Cinematic Universe—Fortnite in 2023 wouldn’t actually look the same as it did in 2019.

## The Fortnite OG Update Aligns The Universes

Nevertheless, November 2 brought a surprising twist. Epic Games introduced the **OG update**, rewinding Fortnite back to its glory days. The update dialed back the clock making the Pisos Picados playable once again, mirroring the scene involving Korg. This made it eerily seem as if Marvel had—in a manner akin to ‘The Simpsons’ with its knack for future predictions—foreseen Fortnite’s actions.

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## Limited-Time Nostalgia May Have Lasting Impact

The return of the Fortnite OG map is not permanent, scheduled to last only **four weeks** in total. But this slice of nostalgia has resonated strongly with the Fortnite community, spiking player numbers and marking the game’s “biggest day” over its first comeback weekend. Given the game’s impact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Epic Games decided to prolong this event due to its popularity.

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## Financial Stakes for Epic Games

The surge in players doesn’t just symbolize a trip down memory lane, but potentially a lifeline for Epic Games. The company has recently faced financial challenges, leading to 830 staff members being laid off. Despite these setbacks, Fortnite continues to play a pivotal role in the company’s fortunes.

CEO Tim Sweeney has expressed that while Fortnite’s player base is growing, the game’s profits are not what they once were, citing a push in **creator-driven content** with different revenue share dynamics as one of the reasons. Even so, Fortnite’s revival hints at a possible shift in the tides for Epic and the gaming industry at large.

As a powerhouse in the video game world, Fortnite’s every move is observed and analyzed. And as it turns out, perhaps even by cinema’s fictional realms, with Avengers: Endgame unknowingly charting a course for Fortnite’s retro renaissance. Insomuch as it raises the question: was it sheer coincidence or did Marvel’s imagination tap into a future reality of the gaming universe? Only time will tell if any more of the cinematic predictions come to pass, but for now, the Fortnite community can revel in a moment of fantasy turned reality.

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