Assassin’s Creed Red Introduces First Historical Protagonist

# Assassin’s Creed’s Upcoming Adventure: A Historical Leap to Feudal Japan

## Ubisoft Answers Fans’ Call with a New Historical Twist

Fans of the iconic Assassin’s Creed franchise have long been voicing their desire for a game set in Feudal Japan, and it appears Ubisoft is finally heeding that call. With the working title “Project Network,” the latest addition to the series promises a gripping new narrative set against the backdrop of samurai and shinobi.

## A Dual Protagonist Dynamic Emerges

Following the more recent RPG-styled iterations of the franchise, “Project Network” is shaping up to present two central characters. Early glimpses have revealed a hooded woman, likely of Japanese descent, and a striking figure—the image of a black man wielding dual katanas. While not yet officially confirmed as the lead roles, speculation is rife that these two characters will headline the story. Most intriguing is the suggestion that one of these assassins has historical roots.

## Yasuke: The First African Samurai Takes Center Stage

According to reputable sources like Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, the male character in the game’s early reveals may very well depict Yasuke Nobunaga, historically recognized as the first African samurai. His legend is a cocktail of hypothesis and scarce historical documentation; it’s understood that he found his way to Japan at a tender age in the 16th century—his past either as a slave or a free man—and he subsequently earned the esteemed favor of the Nobunaga family. Such was their bond that he was given the family name and, in time, rose to the venerable rank of a samurai serving the emperor.

Yasuke’s tale isn’t new to the gaming scene, having been featured in titles like Nioh. Assassin’s Creed Red, however, is slated to amplify Yasuke’s lore, this time cast in the main role.

## Unconfirmed but Promising Character Dynamics

Ubisoft remains tight-lipped regarding specific game details, but the rumor mill churns with the prospect of each protagonist displaying unique combat styles and skills. The speculation conveys the female character as a shinobi, master of stealth and adept in the laying of traps, while Yasuke (assuming the character is indeed inspired by him) takes on the role of a samurai, skilled in the sword and direct confrontations.

The impending Assassin’s Creed installment holds much under wraps, but the anticipation is building for what could be a groundbreaking narrative convergence of history and video game storytelling. As Ubisoft continues to craft this Feudal Japan experience, fans are holding their breath for official confirmations and further revelations.

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