Activision Pulls CoD Modern Warfare 3 Maps Over Spawn Issues

# Modern Warfare 3 Faces Map Removal Due to Spawn Issues

The much-anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 has run into some early turbulence as Activision was compelled to pull multiple multiplayer maps due to problematic spawn points leading to chaotic gameplay.

## Spawn Troubles Lead to Map Withdrawals

Players experienced unexpected mayhem on the map titled **Quarry** in the **Hardpoint** game mode, where the game repeatedly spawned players at the same location. This repeated spawning turned into an inadvertent killing spree for opposing teams, who could easily target and shoot down players re-entering the game at that same point.

But the issues didn’t stop there.

## Extending Beyond Quarry: Other Maps Affected

Activision’s swift response not only saw the removal of Quarry from Hardpoint’s line-up but also involved taking down two additional maps – **Rundown** and **Scrapyard**. The decision was similar to Quarry’s case, as they too suffered from “unfavorable spawns” that negatively affected the balance and enjoyment of the game.

Moreover, Karachi has been temporarily removed from the **Cutthroat** game list. This action was taken to address a severe issue where players were respawning alarmingly close to their enemies, disrupting the competitive integrity of matches.

## A Rocky Start for Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

The spawning issues present at launch represent just the tip of the iceberg for a multiplayer release that was expected to shine, especially following a high-profile open beta conducted last month. More concerning is a report that emerged almost simultaneously with these issues, alleging that the development of Modern Warfare 3 was compressed into a timeframe of just a year and a half, as opposed to the typical three-year cycle. This intense shortening of the development period has led to speculations about its potential impact on the overall quality and stability of the game.

As the situation unfolds, Activision is likely to deploy patches and updates to rectify these spawning problems and reinstate the affected maps. Until then, players may have to adapt to a slightly limited map rotation as they engage in the new chapters of Modern Warfare’s storied multiplayer saga.

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