Acapulco Power Fully Restored Post-Hurricane Otis

# Acapulco’s Electricity Restored Following Hurricane Otis Devastation

Full Restoration of Electrical Service in Acapulco

After enduring the destructive forces of Hurricane Otis, Acapulco, a prominent port city in Mexico’s Guerrero state, has emerged with its electrical service fully reinstated. National Protection Coordinator Laura Velázquez confirmed the complete restoration of power to this critical tourist destination along the Pacific coast. The achievement comes in the wake of extensive emergency measures that were put in place following severe rain and strong winds that swept through the region.

End of Emergency Declaration

Authorities have formally concluded the emergency declaration two weeks after the 35-kilometer coastal strip between Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez was battered by the storms. The Civil Protection coordination announced the end of the emergency situation in the Official Gazette of the Federation, signaling a significant step toward recovery and normalcy.

Counting the Human Cost

During a press conference with the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the extent of human suffering was revealed—48 lives lost and 31 individuals still missing. A staggering number of 232,345 homes and businesses were affected by the hurricane, with 23% of these homes declared a total loss by the Welfare Secretariat.

Progress in Guerrero’s Reconstruction

A fundamental necessity, such as the supply of drinking water, was restored to 65%, but efforts continue to achieve full restoration by the end of the month. All domestic gas supplies have successfully been restored to the residents of Guerrero. Emergency crews have removed a colossal 18,000 tons of debris across 220 kilometers of roads, while Armed Forces personnel, totaling 16,500, have been engaged in various relief activities, including food distribution and public security.

Relief and Recovery Efforts

As part of the initial phase of Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez’s reconstruction plan, the Mexican military is undertaking the distribution of a basic food basket to 250,000 families for three months. Over 3,000 personnel from the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) have joined forces to provide aid in homes and hotels, working alongside the Navy in recovering sunken vessels and clearing waterways.

Restoring Essential Services and Economy

The region has seen about 60 gas stations and 15 banks resume operations, indicating a slow but steady return to economic activity. The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry (Canirac) revealed that a devastating 80% of Acapulco’s 5,700 restaurants were affected by Otis, but hope remains as about 40 of the 330 primary hotels plan to reopen for the year-end holiday season.

Future Events to Revitalize Acapulco

In an attempt to boost tourism and the local economy, Acapulco is set to host the Mexican Tennis Open of the ATP in March 2024, along with the Acapulco Tourist Market, promising events to rekindle Acapulco’s vibrant and welcoming spirit.

Hurricane Otis’s impact was severe, but the resilience of Acapulco and its people shines through as they rebuild and recover from this natural catastrophe, looking forward to a brighter future.

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