24 Bit Games Studio: Crafting Digital Worlds

# Annapurna Interactive Welcomes 24 Bit Games into Their Fold

The video game industry has witnessed a notable trend where established companies expand their reach through the acquisition of smaller studios. In a move that underscores this practice, Annapurna Interactive, a significant player in the gaming scene, has made headlines by purchasing 24 Bit Games, a South African development studio.

## Microsoft’s Surprising Acquisition Preceded by Annapurna’s Strategic Move

The news comes in the wake of big moves in the industry, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard being one of the most unexpected developments. Annapurna Interactive’s decision to acquire a smaller studio may not have the same shock value, but it reflects growing consolidation in the gaming industry.

## The Journey of 24 Bit Games

Established in 2016, Annapurna Interactive has taken its first step into expansion by integrating 24 Bit Games into its lineup. The South African studio has forged its reputation on developing ports and crafting tools for other gaming studios, both small and large-scale operations.

![Screenshot of Annapurna Interactive’s acquisition announcement](https://sm.ign.com/ign_es/screenshot/default/sin-titulo-1_ssvr.jpg)

Collaborating with prominent names such as Devolver Digital, Landfall Games, and Fullbright, 24 Bit Games now joins forces with Annapurna Interactive. This merger promises to boost their latest project, ‘Cocoon,’ a game from Jeppe Carlsen known for his work on acclaimed titles like Limbo.

## Embrace for Quality and Shared Vision

Annapurna Interactive’s co-director Deborah Mars expressed their longstanding work relationship with 24 Bit Games, praising the studio’s high-quality output and team spirit. “They have always shared our commitment to quality, and by taking our partnership to the next level, we feel that everything is possible,” Mars stated in a press release.

## 24 Bit Games on Joining Annapurna Interactive

Echoing the positive sentiment, Luke Lamothe, CEO of 24 Bit Games, shared his admiration for Annapurna’s portfolio of compelling games and the company’s culture of fostering intellectual property creation. Lamothe noted, “We have enjoyed working together over the years and believe that joining Annapurna comes at an exciting time of growth and expansion.”

## Annapurna Interactive’s Growing Repertoire

Since its inception, Annapurna Interactive has primarily focused on publishing titles from other studios. They took a creative leap with the development of “Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth,” marking their first venture into direct game development. The studio is also gearing up for a significant launch—a unique collection featuring 12 of their best games for the Nintendo Switch, which is anticipated with eagerness by the gaming community.

[Watch the video about ‘Cocoon’](https://es.ign.com/cocoon-1/192235/video/embed)

With strategic moves like the acquisition of 24 Bit Games, Annapurna Interactive asserts its commitment to quality and innovation, promising a bright future ahead with exciting projects and collaborations that will undoubtedly delight gamers around the world.

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