22 Hospitals, 49 Clinics Shut Down in Gaza Strip

Widespread Closure of Medical Facilities in the Gaza Strip

Devastating Impact on Healthcare Infrastructure

The recent escalations between Israel and Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip have led to catastrophic effects on the region’s healthcare system. According to reports from Sputnik World on November 12, 2023, as many as 22 hospitals and 49 health centers have ceased operations as a direct consequence of the Israeli attacks.

The Human Cost of Conflict

Previously, it was conveyed that 19 hospitals and 32 primary healthcare centers in Gaza had shut their doors due to the conflict. The press service added chilling details, stating, “As a result of the Israeli aggression, 22 hospitals and 49 medical centers stopped working, the occupier [Israel] attacked 53 ambulances.”

Escalation of Hostilities

On October 7, Hamas initiated an unprecedented barrage of missile attacks from the Gaza Strip and conducted armed operations into southern Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by affirming that Israel was in a state of war.

The Israeli army mobilized a large force of 300,000 reservists in reaction, executed several waves of airstrikes, and on October 28, Israeli troops were reported to have entered Gaza, advancing to a second phase intended to dismantle Hamas infrastructure and secure the release of hostages.

Humanitarian Consequences

Since October 9, the Palestinian enclave has been deprived of basic supplies by Israel, though reports indicate that water supplies for southern Gaza were reinstated on the 16th, impacting hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians.

Calls for Ceasefire and Diplomatic Resolution

Many nations have urged Israel and Hamas to cease hostilities and commence negotiations towards a ceasefire. Further support gathers around the notion of a two-state solution being the sole pathway to a lasting peace in the area.

The Regional Ripple Effect

The clash between Israel and Palestinian forces has not remained localized but has instead spread to other Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon and Syria. Despite this, the biggest concentration of tension remains in the Gaza Strip. According to local health authorities under Hamas, the conflict has resulted in the loss of over 11,000 lives due to actions taken by Tel Aviv. Conversely, Israeli casualties reach approximately 1,200 due to the surprise assaults by Hamas on October 7 across varied regions of the country. The majority of these victims are civilians.

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