STRONG UNITY OF THE EXECUTIVES IN BSNL IS CERTIFIED WITH SPECTAULAR VICTORY OF FIVE STAR ASSOCIATION ALLIANCE BY SNEA IN 3RD MV: AGM SR BSNL CO published the Final outcome of 3rd MV by the Chief Returning Officer & PGM Admn BSNL CO wherein SNEA in strong support of its Five Star Alliance is emerged as Strongest and Top Most Association in BSNL with 52.07% of total Votes. Copy <<<>>>

With this spectacular and record break victory, SNEA has once again reached top most position of Associations with marvelous come back. This is first time in the history of BSNL that any Association/Union has crossed the benchmark of 50% Votes out of total votes.

It is nice to see that SNEA has got highest votes among all participating association of 3rd MV in about each and every Circle. In two Circles, SNEA is at second position but here also the votes polled in favour of SNEA are more than the members of alliance and hence these circles also the support of Executives to SNEA & alliance is certified as Marvelous.  SNEA CHQ feels very proud and delighted with such overwhelming response from the Executives in BSNL.  

This spectacular victory of Five Star Alliance Association is possible with strong love and affection by the Majority of the executives in BSNL and we convey sincere thanks and gratitude to all the executives in BSNL for this historical and record break Victory and certification of Strongest Unity of the executives.

SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks & gratitude towards all the leaders at CHQ/Circle/ District Level, CWC/CEC Members and all the esteemed members of the Five Star Association Alliance of SNEA, SEWA BSNL, CBOWA, DEWAB & AIBSNLOA for their very active and vital role in this spectacular victory.

SNEA CHQ appreciates the sincere and devoted efforts taken by all its Circle/District Secretaries/Presidents, all the Circle/District Office Bearers, activists on social media, team of creative, esteemed members of SNEA all over India who have taken every possible step for this victory including arranging campaign meetings from own funds and were very active and alert and responsible role played over the period and conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all of them.

We specially convey thanks to Shri. N.D. Ram, GS SEWA BSNL who has taken lot of pains for attending 3rd MV campaign meetings all over India and gave his best for landslide victory of SNEA. We also convey thanks & gratitude towards Shri. P.N. Perumal, National Chief Advisor, Shri. S. Titusam, National President, Shri. Gautam Gharde, Chief Advisor SEWA BSNL MH and all Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents and many other stalwart leaders of SEWA BSNL all over India who have been active part of this 3rd MV campaign all over India and have played vital role information of alliance between SNEA & SEWA BSNL and spectacular victory thereof.    

SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude towards Shri. Varun Bhardwaj, President CBOWA, Shri. Sumit Soni, GS CBOWA, Shri. Manish Shrivastav, President DEWAB, Shri. R. K. Gupta, GS DEWAB, Shri. Jagar Nath Janyol, President AIBSNLOA and Shri. Janardan Yadav, GS AIBSNLOA along with their team members who have campaigned by addressing different meetings of 3rd MV campaign all over India and have played instrumental role in this historic victory and strongest ever unity of the executives.

We also convey sincere thanks and gratitude towards the leaders & members of different Executive Associations in BSNL who have directly or indirectly supported SNEA to reach this remarkable position of spectacular victory of 52.07 % and extended their support to the One PSU One Association mission by SNEA.

SNEA specially conveys sincere thanks to all the leaders of SNPWA all over India for their well wishes and blessing with active participation in 3rd MV campaign for this grand success of SNEA. On this special day we remember the devoted efforts by late Shri W. Seshagiri Rao, Ex GS/President SNEA who has dream for strong unity of executives in BSNl and with this victory we have achieved his dream by becoming largest association with more than 52% votes.

We are very happy to see the wave of joy and happiness among all executives in BSNL about this spectacular victory and the executives in BSNL have celebrated this Victory and step towards strong unity of the executives in BSNL.

We are aware that with this spectacular Victory and Support by the majority of the executives in BSNL, the responsibility on SNEA CHQ is increased in multifold and we have to move ahead for getting timely solution for HR & Financial issues being faced by the Executives in BSNL.

We hereby firmly assure to all the executives in BSNL, that SNEA CHQ along with its five Star alliance partners and also along with all other association/unions in BSNL will put sincere & firm efforts with powerful and result oriented negotiation with BSNL Management, with different Officer/offices of DoT and Government of India for getting solutions for these pending HR & financial issues in step by step but firmly manner.  

Five Star Association Alliance Zindabad!


BSNL Zindabad and BSNL Executives Unity Zindabad !!!!.


Dear Comrades,

I am so happy to see that our Mighty Association, SNEA won this MV with absolute Majority, with more than 52% which definitely increase our bargaining power.

This was our dream since beginning and could achieve now.

On this occasion, I congratulate each one of you for this great victory, especially Com GS, Com President, all CSs, all CHQ OBs, all Circle OBs, all SSA Secretaries, all SSA OBs and activists throughout the country who worked tirelessly for this victory.

Our Executives reposed their faith in SNEA and this victory put big responsibility on our shoulders to deliver in the coming days. Our CHQ team also got settled by this time.

I wish all the success to our CHQ team in the coming days.

Once again congratulations to each one of you.

Com. Sebastin, Ex GS SNEA.


Dear Com. Adasul, GS SNEA.

Best wishes and hearty congrats for SNEA’s remarkable victory in the 3rd Membership Verification.

From Com P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU.


Dear Adasul ji, GS SNEA.

Pl accept my heartiest congratulations on the fantastic performance by the Sanachar Nigam Executive Association in the 3rd Membership Verification under your leadership with meticulous planning, hard labour, fine message, master skill and approach to board all by Team SNEA.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

I believe that SNEA as a Recognised Association of BSNL will definitely able to resolve long pending issues including Pay, Promotion, Social Security and 3rd PRC under your leadership and finally every executives will be benefitted. I also extend good wishes to the entire Team SNEA for the remarkable achievement and request to convey the same.

Once again, my good wishes and assurance of constructive support.

Regards, Wasi Ahmad, Ex GS AIGETOA 


Dear Comrade Adasul, GS SNEA, entire CHQ team of SNEA, Circle Secretaries throughout the Country and my dearest beloved Comrades of SNEA at the grass root level

Today is yet another momentous, memorable and spectacular day in the history of the ever versatile, resilient, formidable and truly democratic Organization, the mightiest and forward looking Organization, THE SNEA. Indeed a day to remember!

The landslide and resounding success of SNEA in the 3rd MV is nothing but an unequivocal stamp of affirmation and approval to the high and rich Trade Union Values and Ethics created and cultivated by the greatest of all times, legendary Godfather and architect of SNEA, beloved W. Seshagiri Rao.  The massive mandate given by the executive community through the hard work and dedication of the Comrades of SNEA is a firm litmus test on the high values of struggle, democratization, invoking the opinions and sentiments of the grass root level members in projecting the issues etc. has taken firm and deep roots in this Organization. It, once again, proves that any attempt to throw spanners into the

 Well- oiled wheels of this beloved Organization, SNEA will simply be futile. And proud we are because SNEA blood flows through every sinew of each and every Comrade of SNPWA.

Finally, words fail to extend whole-hearted Congratulations of SNPWA to the versatile and never-say-die Com Adasul, under whose roaring and towering leadership, the flag of SNEA continues to fly higher and higher. We congratulate each and every beloved member of the executive community for reposing their trust and confidence in this great Organization, the SNEA.

SNEA – Zindabad, SNPWA – Zindabad, Com Adasul – Zindabad.

From G.L.Jogi, GS/ SNPWA 


A day of rejoicing. What a landslide for SNEA, firmly re-establishing its credentials in the executive community. A revival of the good old days. Those days we would never forget but always cherish. The fighting force for the executive community built up, nurtured and fostered by our dashing, dynamic and pragmatic leaders, the unforgettable Com. Seshagiri Rao and the lion Com. G. L. Jogi, foisting it to the pinnacle of glory, not only in achievements but also as the greatest fighting force.

 And what a snub for the opportunists and turncoats! The knowledgeable Executive community has put them in their deserving place.

Congratulations, team SNEA πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ. We are proud of you, Com. AdasulπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. You have brought the SNEA back to its days of glory.

 Carry on not only as the winning force but also as the greatest fighting force, remembering the great achievements that leaders of the caliber of Seshagiri Rao and G. L. Jogi have won for the cadre.

Our pleasure, our pride, our sweat, our blood SNEA!!!

SNEA Zindabad πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ , Com. Adasul Zindabad πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ , SNPWA Zindabad πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ, Com. Jogi Zindabad πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

From K. D Sebastin, President, SNPWA CHQ. 


CONGRATULATIONS & BIG THANKS FROM FIVE STAR ASSOCIATION ALLIANCE: As per the report by SR Cell, the overall process of 3rd Membership verification for recognition of Majority Association is completed successfully with peace and overall voting has reached 96.18 % which seems to be highest percentage in three Membership Verification of Associations & different Membership Verification of Unions conducted by BSNL. Really this is overwhelming response by the executives in BSNL and this will definitely give best results out of 3rd Membership Verification. 

SNEA along with its Five Star Alliance Partners viz. SEWA BSNL, CBOWA, DEWAB & AIBSNLOA conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the executives in BSNL for coming forward and casting their precious vote by sparing time from their busy schedule of day to day activities. 

It is proud moment for us that some die hard Executives, who were hospitalized, who were just discharged from hospital and someone who lost their parents just within this week also have come forward by overcoming the pains and hardship and casted vote and extended support to SNEA. We appreciate their devotion towards SNEA and convey thanks from bottom of heart to all these executives. 

We specially convey our gratitude and thanks to the Circle/District Secretaries/Presidents, Circle/District Office Bearers, CWC/CEC Members and activists & warriors of SNEA, SEWA, CBOWA, DEWAB and AIBSNLOA all over India for their devoted efforts in arranging campaign meetings, interacting with all executives and bringing awareness among the executives for casting their precious vote. 

The different staff and officers of SR Cell BSNL CO, the Circle/BA/OA offices have done wonderful job by successfully conducing the entire 3rd MV process. 

The Five Star Alliance of SNEA, SEWA BSNL, CBOWA, DEWAB & AIBSNLOA conveys a big thanks to one and all and we are hopeful for historical outcome of this 3rd Membership verification which will pave way for time bound solutions for pending HR and Financial issues of executives in BSNL.  


Update on LICE JTO Payloss case: The LICE JTO Payloss case filed by SNEA team was listed on 07-09-2022 in Hon CAT Ernakulum. Due to paucity of time the case could not be heard then. After continued persuasion by our Advocate case is posted to 14-09-2023.



SNEA CHQ extend heartfelt gratitude to one and all for unwavering support in the ongoing 3rd MV campaign. All your active participation has set a positive tone, and we’ve made a strong start.

SNEA values your dedication and faith. We are ready to lead BSNL Executives with your support. Your vote for SNEA and its five-star  alliance is vital in achieving super-majority status, with a clear margin of more than 7000 votes than the Supporting Association, which is crucial for resolving pending issues, including 3rd PRC implementation, E2/E3 Pay scales, 22820, Pay loss, Promotions, Achieving 30% SAB.

Your contribution ensures a better future in BSNL with improved monthly salaries. Unity is paramount in addressing our concerns.

Please cast your vote for SNEA at Sr No 8 on 12/09/2023, following guidelines.

We kindly request you to inspire at least one fellow Executive to support SNEA. Each one, reach one, and teach one holds the key to resolving our HR issues and securing a brighter future in BSNL. 


Congratulations to team ITPC: ITPC CDR P3 system has been successfully commissioned and made live in West zone from CDR P2 on date 07.09.2023

At first stage two SSAs Satara and Bandara in MH Circle were migrated on pilot basis and now entire West Zone consists of MH, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh Circles are successfully migrated achieving a major milestone. In Next phase South Zone, North Zone and East Zone will be migrated to CDR P3 making it PAN INDIA One Data Center at Hyderabad with DR Data Center at PUNE.

All legacy OSS/BSS applications like Clarity CRM, PMS, FMS are replaced with latest applications and working fine. It is a major Digital transformation project for BSNL. It shall improve customer care by making available various integrated channels like social media, mobile app, portal, messaging and IVRS etc. Mobile app for Internal customers/partners shall facilitate faster onboarding of customers and resolution of complaints. Moreover integration with OTT players with facility of auto provisioning shall delight customers. Though there is 360 degree change in DSCM & FMS modules, Marathon efforts done by team ITPC in conducting trainings to filed units and arranged video recordings, short video demos/documentation to all West zone users to carry on all day to day activities.

SNEA members of ITPC in West Zone and South Zone played a lead role and put lot of efforts in Preparation of SRS (System Requirement  Specifications), AT/VT and project implementation and still working day and night in attending post migration issues.

Special Congratulations to Shri Vivek Banzal Hon’ble Director CFA, Shri Govind Kewlani CGM ITPC for successful implementation of CDR-P3.

SNEA Congratulates to all executives working at ITPC who are involved directly and indirectly in successful migration of West Zone. 






AGM (Recruitment) BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads regarding indicative notification of Exams for LICE for promotion from SDE(Telecom) to the grade of Assistant General Manager (AGM/DE) on regular basis for vacancy 2023 under 33% LICE Competitive Quota for which schedule will be communicated separately.  

Exam Notification Copy<<<>>

Annexure A- MSRRs(Telecom) Copy<<<>>

Annexure B- Scheme and Syllabus Copy<<<>> 


AGMEstt BSNL CO writes to all heads of Territorial Circles regarding implementation of relieving of JEs (qualified in Special LICE-2022 to the grade of JTO (T) for VY 2021) for JTO Phase-I Induction training at ALTTC Ghaziabad.Copy<<<>> 


AGM Training Management ALTTC Ghaziabad writes to all Circle heads regarding communication of Marks of JTO (Phase-I) online seniority exam conducted on 05.09.2023.Copy<<<>> 


Joint Membership Campaign at Trichy by SNEA and SEWA BSNL CHQ leaders:(Report by Berlin Issac AGS CHQ}:

     A special meeting was organized at 11 am on 17.08.2023 at Trichy in the PGM Office premises for the 3rd Membership Verification campaign in support of SNEA by the Trichy District Associations of SNEA and SEWA BSNL. The meeting was presided by Circle President SNEA, Shri P. Alagupandiaraja and was attended by the office bearers and members of SNEA and SEWA BSNL from Trichy and nearby SSAs of Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. DS SNEA Trichy Shri S. Mathiyalagan welcomed the guests particularly the CHQ and COBs of SNEA and SEWA BSNL and they were felicitated by DS SEWA Trichy Shri Thamaraikannan and other office bearers with Shawl and bouquet. The meeting was addressed by distinguished guests of honour Shri M S Adasul, GS SNEA, Shri N D Ram, GS SEWA, Shri P N Perumal, National Chief Advisor SEWA, Shri Titussam, National President of SEWA, Shri S. Paneerselvam, National Finance Secretary SEWA, Shri P V Rajesh Manchan, Vice President SNEA CHQ, Shri Brelin Isaac AGS SNEA, Shri V. Nagamani, Chq Advisor SEWA, Shri Valanarasu, Circle Secretary SNEA TN.

Click here for detailed news Copy <<<>>  

Click here for Photos Photos <<<>>  β€ƒ


Inauguration of SNEA office at Hubli:(Report by Shri Jagadale CS KTK}:

Under the great leadership of DP Com Chandrashekhar Abbigeri, DS Com Sudheer.  A Bellubbi, Treasurer Com Raviraj Badiger along with all very active members of SNEA Hubli have established a very nice looking and very specious SNEA office which was inaugurated by Com M S Adasul GS SNEA CHQ, Com Tata Babu CHQ, Com Guruprasad Deshpande CP SNEA KTK on 10.06.2023. The inauguration of SNEA office was very colourful event all the SNEA members of Hubli attended along with other union / associations leaders along with their members graced the occasion.

Click here for detailed news Copy <<<>>  

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General Body Meeting of SNEA Delhi Circle: (Report by Rajdeep, AGS SNEA CHQ}: General Body Meeting of SNEA Delhi Circle was held at 5th Floor, Recreation room Kidwai Bhawan Janpath New Delhi on 03/08/2023.

The main agenda of this meeting was election of the Circle body of SNEA Delhi Circle.

The proceedings of General Body Meeting were presided over by Shri.  Arvind Kumar Circle President Delhi Circle.

The meeting was graced with the shining presence of our esteemed guests, Shri. Manish Samadhiya CHQ President, Shri. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, Shri. Jagtar Singh Joint Secretary North SNEA CHQ, Mrs Annu Agarwal, Circle President BSNL Corporate Office, and Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya Circle Secretary BSNL Corporate Office, Shri. Satish Kumar, Circle Secretary Delhi Circle and all other Circle Office bearers of the SNEA Delhi Circle.

Click here for detailed news Copy <<<>>

Click here for Photos Photos <<<>> 


Inauguration of SNEA Office, NTR Delhi:  Shri. Satish Kumar, CS SNEA NTR with all his efforts has got the allotment of SNEA office for NTR Delhi team at New Delhi. Shri Satish Kumar, CS NTR With his sole effort, he has transformed the abandoned BSNL office into a well-decorated SNEA office, which was beyond imagination.

Shri. Suresh Kumar CP SEWA NTR Delhi graced the occasion as our esteemed “Guest of Honour”.

This well-equipped Office of SNEA Delhi Circle was inaugurated by hands of our beloved dedicated General Secretary Shri. M. S. Adasul ji supported by Shri Rajdeep, AGS CHQ, Shri Pavitra Singh, AGS HQ CHQ, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CS Corporate Office, in the benign presence of more than 100 esteemed members from NTR, Delhi who have gathered to cheer the inauguration of the SNEA office allotted to Circle Body NTR Delhi.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Sh. Satish Kumar Circle Secretary and the entire membership of Delhi Circle for this long awaited victory and hope that this new SNEA Office of Delhi Circle will actively work towards the welfare of our members and strengthen the SNEA an organisation committed to the betterment of BSNL and it’s hardworking executives.

Click here for Photos Photos <<<>> 




ADG DoT HQ GOI conveyed the approval of competent authority for selection of 120 BSNL officers for their engagement against SDE posts on deputation basis w.e.f 01.10.2023 for a period of three years i.e., till 30.09.2026 in various DOT units. Copy<<<>> 




AGM(SR) BSNL CO writes to all circle heads regarding postal ballot to executives undergoing treatment  for critical illness/hospitalized/operated on polling date i.e., 12.09.2023  to be decided on a case to case basis by concerned returning officer Copy<<<>> and if case identity card is not available for any reason, authorized letter duly signed by DE/AGM(HR) or SDE(HR) or equivalent level officer shall be allowed. Copy<<<>>

SNEA CHQ represented the above issues to Director HR and modifications are issued accordingly. Copy<<<>> 


AGM(Recruitment) BSNL CO writes to all concern circle heads regarding provisional answer key uploaded on website – for the LICEs held on 27/08/2023. The facilities for registering grievance on BSNL internal exam website has been extended further upto 05.09.2023.Copy<<<>> 




SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR with a request for allowing for casting vote by ballot paper or with old ID card to the executives who are facing issues in joining duties due to their untimely transfers and also due to issues of critical illness of self or parents during 3rd Membership Verification for electing Majority representative association of Executives in BSNL. Copy<<<>> 


AGM (Recruitment) BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads regarding indicative notification of Exams for which schedule will becommunicated separately.

LICE for promotion from SDE(Civil) to EE/AGM(Civil) on regular basis for vacancy year 2023 under LICE Quota under 33% Competitive Quota.

Exam Notification Copy<<<>>

Annexure A- RRs of SDE(Civil) Copy<<<>>

Annexure B- Scheme and Syllabus Copy<<<>>

LICE for promotion to the grade of AGM/EE (Elect.) for vacancy details for vacancy year 2023 under 33% Competitive Quota as per MSRRs 2023.

Exam Notification Copy<<<>>

Annexure A- RRs of SDE(Elect) Copy<<<>>

Annexure B- Scheme and Syllabus Copy<<<>>